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Ponme la mano aqui, Macorina
Tu boca una bendicion
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2nd-Oct-2008 01:20 am - Another Coincidence: Catastrophe
It's happened again... I was randomly reading the word "catastrophe" (in an article about the US financial crisis), when Hooverphonic's lyrics to "50 Watt" came on over the airwaves: "Oh no it's not a catastrophe \\ Although it's not how it used to be \\ We can go on \\ Ignore the need to fall"

23rd-Sep-2008 04:15 pm - Cosby a better Black than Obama??
My dad forwarded me an e-mail saying Bill Cosby should be our first black president -- not Obama. The entire message was supposedly written by Cosby, saying how black people should blame themselves for their status, not white people. And the last sentence said, "It's not about color... It's about behavior!"

The entire e-mail was a crock of shit, until that last sentence, which is EXACTLY why the first black president should be Obama.

I hate that my dad buys into this bullshit that he gets in forwards from his brother. His brother is a 60-something year old retiree on a fixed income living in backwoods Texas. He speaks with a wheezy bumpkin accent and pronounces his last name Purr-ez -- not Pérez. Don't even TRY to pronounce it with a Mexican accent, or he'll bite your head off. He's been spouting anti-Obama horseshit since day 1, and it's really starting to piss me off -- not because it's just utter nonsense, but because he's doing his best to influence my dad's thinking. And it's working.

The full text of this stupid e-mail...Collapse )

It probably wasn't even written by Bill Cosby. It sounds like such a waspy judgmental view of entire population.

BTW, what kind of behavior has Dr. Cosby had in the past?

16th-Sep-2008 01:14 am - Burstdays!
Happy birthday to astheashesfall  and clutter !!! May it be sweet and full of sugary goodness.
10th-Sep-2008 12:11 pm - That strange meme...
So, thanks to morningstar4, I have set upon the task of matching 30 of my LJ friends with a given description. BUT, only I can see the description, and you will only see your name on the list. Aren't you soooo curious to find out how you've been labeled?

Da Rules!
1. There are 30 questions.
2. Next to each number, write only the name of the person who fits. (I don't care about this ... I'm putting little hints to suck you in!)
3. Answer one question with one name. (Some of my people were repeated, but who cares!)
4. Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme.

1. strangelittleme  (We are all her servants)
2. nessalovesluis  ("ahh longatime! longatime!")
3. macsuibhne  (Who wouldn't?)
4. micaturtle  (Yes... definitely.)
5. animatrocor  (Hehehe... yeah.)
6. lady_ganesh  (Definitely!)
7. ahsweape  (I witnessed it firsthand!)
8. flaquita  (we're both newsies)
9. morningstar4  (we've done it before! ::wink wink::)
10. horsetechie  (well, I should hope so!)
11. brinatello  (even if they are mostly voice actors!)
12. brightlotusmoon  (Because she is!)
13. silenageige  (Obviously -- She was in a Culture Club music video!)
14. corporate_ken  (We'll go with the latter)
15. clutter  (mwahahahaha)
16. lindentreeisle  (lawyer!!)
17. tokka  (still in his terrible2z)
18. smiths101  (I can't decide which!)
19. niaskywalk  (accomplishing great things day by day!)
20. skeletoncrew  (in a good way)
21. I'm gonna have to say neenjacowboy  :P
22. This does not compute... ???
23. astheashesfall  (Because she was!)
24. black_wax  (He teaches in Lyford for godsakes!) ;)
25. overoceans  (Seems? I KNOWS!)
26. greenwillow27  (Oh I got this one!)
27. overoceans  (yes yes!)
28. roseangelo  (Best at it EVAR!!)
29. overoceans  (where are youuuu?!)

So there you have it.... This took me hours upon hours because ... well, it's kind of difficult to pigeonhole people that way. Anyway, if you see your name (or even if you don't) and you're interested, let me know. I'll only send you the questions if you are going to participate.


26th-Aug-2008 04:20 pm - Should I or Shouldn't I?????
I have over $4000 in my bank account, and I'm thinking of buying a Macbook Pro. With the school discount, it'll be $1799. Plus the service plan. Plus the "free" ipod. That'll tack on a few hundred more, but I'll get a $299 refund for the ipod.

I want the Mac because it'll be invaluable as a professional once I graduate. But at the same time, I have a decent working computer, even if it IS a PC. I don't have to buy any text books this semester, but I do have to buy supplies for printmaking and for piecing together my portfolio. Also, having money in my account right now is a good way to pay for next year's trip to San Diego. It'd be about $500-$600 just to get out there and stay a few days.

I'm also paying $200 less in rent per month, and I'm not driving as much either, which saves on gas. But my insurance premium went up $10 because I changed my address (stupid!). I also have a $30 monthly bill for internet, and pay half for electricity, gas and water services. Except for electricity, these are bills I never had before.

I'm not eating out at much, nor have I been drinking/going out often at all (On the road to straight-edge? More on that another time!) But I also owe Brad $185 for the trip to Mexico. My sister's wedding is coming up, and I have to rent a tux, and probably a hotel since I'll have friends coming with me, and there's no room at my parents' house.

I would use the computer for my last semester of school work, and all of my professional work following that. I could use it to display interactive features of my portfolio at Exit Review, and I could take it anywhere.

But it's so much money!

What do I do???
25th-May-2008 03:02 am - Arrivederci!

Originally uploaded by quartermane
Well, the day has come. This'll be my last post on American soil for the next month. We'll see if I ever get the time to post while I'm in Europe.

Hm... It's not like I posted all that often anyway.

May is turning out to be the BEST MONTH EVAR!!

Last weekend's trip to Dallas was amazing. We got to hang out with Rocky and Stephen, and the most insanely awesome show ever -- RADIOHEAD! It was seriously, the best show I've seen ... and I've seen a lot of shows. Bjork, Regina Spektor, Death Cab, Decemberists, I could go on and on, but none of them were even close to being as awesome as Radiohead.

Yeah. Amazing.

So, of course, there had to be a downside. Vicky's car crapped out on us, and we had to make a detour to Fort Worth so her uncle could fix it. Funny thing -- no one took me seriously when I said it sounded like the starter was shot, and it turned out that's exactly what it was. Looks like I know a little more about cars than people give me credit for.

But still, we got home late Monday, and Tuesday evening Brad came over to spend the week with me. We had a lot of fun just hanging out and being close. It's gonna be tough on the both of us when I'm in Italy.

Thursday, we went to Aquarena Springs. I've lived in San Marcos for nearly three years, and I have never been to the nature park. The last time I went was when I was four, I think. Anyway, it was so cool... We walked along the Wetlands Boardwalk, and watched the wildlife. Tilapia are actually really beautiful fish. There were egrets and lots of turtles. It was great.

But then we went to the actual park, which was really eerie. I don't know if it's usually open, but we were there in the late afternoon, and since the park is school owned and everyone's gone for the summer, the place was deserted. The buildings are straight out of the 60s, and there's this tower that howls with the wind. The paint on the lamp posts is peeling, and the cables that used to ferry the cable cars back and forth just sway high above the river. It was so strange.

Friday night, we met up with Vicky and Kristin and went downtown. Brad and Kristin had to go to the show that her ex was playing in (The band's name is Mom). She went to get closure, ended up getting drizzunk, and feeling somewhat worse than before. But she stayed along with her friend Daniel, and Brad met up with Vicky and me. We'd already had a few beers at Creekside, then went to Side Bar, met up with the boy Vicky's interested in, and then went to Beauty Bar just to show our support for Mitchell. He took our photo, then Annie Ray took our photo, and then Brad and I split.

We had one last night together before my dad arrived. Brad went back to San Antonio this afternoon, and my dad and his friend arrived around 6. The three of us went to Logan's Roadhouse for some BBQ, and I came home to pack.

And now, I'm here blogging when I should be in bed!

So I'll leave you with that. I hope everyone has a great month. I'll try to get online as often as I can, but I'm one of the few on the trip who doesn't have a laptop! Boooo. Anyway, I'll be busy sampling the Tuscan lifestyle.



PS. The Wikipedia campaign has gotten noticed again. This time, by another German blog:

PSS... We saw a dead guy in the gutter last night. We were walking from our parking spot down Red River, and there was a guy who looked like he was sleeping in the gutter. I thought... "It's too early for bums to be asleep. And bums don't usually sleep in the ACTUAL gutter." The people ahead of us were already on the phone with 911, and by the time we'd walked half a block, the place with littered with cops, fire trucks and paramedics.

PSSSS... I bought a new camera! A Sony H10. It's sah-weeeet!

PSSPSPSPSPS..... I got all A's and made the Dean's List! Woot!
10th-Apr-2008 02:25 am - Faildog
I know all of us crazy TMNT fans first saw this a year or so ago, but I just saw it up on faildogs.com and had to post it. :P

26th-Mar-2008 12:06 am - Juried All-Student Art Exhibition
My digital illustration advert "Vixen, Vespa, Vans" made it into the Texas State University Art & Design "Juried All-Student Art Exhibition" and will be hanging in Gallery I from March 24 - April 12, 2008.

I have to admit, when I dropped off my two pieces for submission, my heart sank. I did not expect the work entered to be on that high a level. Everything looked like professional quality. I didn't even hope to be selected.

There are two factors which helped me though... One, my skill. :P I mean, I guess I got SOMETHING right with that particular illustration. The other would be luck ....

When I turned in my work (half an hour past deadline), I saw absolutely NO communication design work -- even though the contest is open to ALL art & design students. There weren't any categories set up for comm des, either. I entered two illustrations -- one traditional and one digital. And I had to put them both in "painting."

So, I'm guessing that since my work was one of few (if any), it stood a much better chance at getting in the show. Either way, it's there, and I'm still pretty proud.

There are some amazing pieces here, and I recommend checking it out, if you are in the San Marcos, TX area. Gallery I (along with Gallery II) is located on the second floor of the Joann Cole Mitte Art & Design building at Texas State University off of Sessom Dr.

But in case you can't make it to gallery, here's the piece:

Vixen, Vespa, Vans

19th-Mar-2008 04:10 am - I can haz psychic friends?
I got my passport in the mail today..... This trip is becoming more and more of a reality. I can't wait.

Along with my passport, they returned my birth certificate. I was looking it over and discovered I was born at 4:49 a.m. on Wednesday, May 7, 1980. For some reason I always thought I was born around 9 in the morning.

So I was thinking about it, and I really want an accurate astrological reading... You know, with rising signs and moon shit and all that. I know that for a lot of those things you have to tell them where you born and what day and hour you were born. But have you ever tried looking up astrology online? All you get are millions of horoscope services. It's like Miss Cleo is all over the interwebz trying to fake you out.

I know there are astrologers out there with some sense of integrity... or at least sites on the metaphysical, where you can get information about that sort of thing.

I dunno. I'm a sucker for anything like that. And I think right now, I'm at a good place to get a reading. I like getting readings at crossroads in my life -- not because I'm looking for some foundation to base a life-changing decision, but because I'm interesting in seeing if the reader picked up on these things as well.

I was thinking of calling up Rocky and seeing if he could do a tarot reading over the phone. But we would have ended up being on the phone for ages, and I'm almost out of minutes for the month again!

I swear, why couldn't my dad get me a plan with unlimited minutes and unlimited texts?!
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